Membership to the Menorca Cricket Club (MCC) is open to all those who share our love of cricket and wish to support and encourage the MCC's efforts to establish the sport ever more firmly on the island.

Naturally, we are particularly keen to increase the number of playing members amongst our ranks and sincerely hope that anyone who spends time on the island will join the Club and begin playing for us just as soon as they can. Inevitably members retire and we are always delighted to welcome new players - of all ages.

That said, we are very mindful that the club's social members are the very backbone of the MCC; over the years they have contributed massively to the Club's successes and, indeed, towards its very existence. As many of you may know, the Members cleared the ground and built the existing facilities entirely with labour and resources generated by the Members, many social, themselves. Rarely has the Club used outside sources of labour and never of finance and remains determined to continue along this path. Consequently social members of the club are a vital source of support and, in fact, outnumber the play membership many tines.

The benefits for social members provide an opportunity for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the local community and the Club can justly claim to be contributing to the local economy as visiting cricket teams only come to Menorca as the facilities we have are as good as you will find.

Furthermore, and most importantly, our home in Biniparrell provides the most beautiful and relaxed setting in which you can watch the cricket matches that are played throughout the period of April through October every year.

You Club Membership Card will also entitle you to DISCOUNTS at some local businesses. These are listed on the Membership Form.

The Club also maintains a well stocked bar and prices are kept low, if not lower than any other watering hole on the island - and the setting really is incomparable!

Additionally, the Club arranges various 'fun days', fete days BBQ's and other events that our social members both enjoy and help organise.

A parting thought: "Your Club needs you! Ask not what your Club can do for you: ask what you can do for your club!"

Be proud to become a Social Member of the MCC.

Junior/Student Membership 20 €

Individual Membership 50 €

Family Membership 65 €


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