03/05/2014 Wylde Oats


MENORCA V WYLDE OATS 40 overs Saturday, May 3rd 2014

10 a side match
Wylde Oats: 169 for 8
Menorca: 170 for no loss in 26.3 overs

Tim Buxton batting 5: 44 off 50 balls; L.B.W b/ Dan Osterbery; 8x4
James Mackenzie: 8 overs for 31

Adam Cockroft batting 2: 119 off 79 balls; not out; 12x4 6x6
Simon Cotton(capt): 8 overs; 1 maiden; 2wkts for 22

Heard on the Pitch: from Wylde Oats in the 12th over- We're on top now!
And I have to say – Andy Tysoe, that was an abject lesson in patience – most off
it ours!

wydeOats 1

MENORCA V WYLDE OATS 40 overs Sunday, May 4th 2014

Wylde Oats: 179 all out in 37.5 overs
Menorca : 152 all out in 37.2 overs

Mike Sherring batting 2: 73 off 58 balls; c/Ryan Way b/David Nuttall; 9x4 3x6
Andrew Standon-McDougal: 4.2 overs; 2 maidens; 3wkts for 8

James Davies batting 3: 29 off 26 balls; c/Richard Buxton b/Mark Hunt; 5x4
Joe Brayne(capt): 7 overs; 3 wkts for 28

Overheard on the pitch Addressed to a Menorca fielder who dropped the ball:
That was in your hands! I think he's a ringer!!!

Also heard: to our 2 most senior (!) batsmen, having called for water – Now you've
changed your bags, lets get on with it!!!!!

Wylde oats 2