26/04/14 Beehive CC

MENORCA V BEEHIVE 40 overs Saturday April 26th 2014

Menorca: 178 all out in 33 overs
Beehive: 158 all out in 39.2 overs

Jeff Barker batting 4: 44 off 56 balls; b/ James Taylor; 6x4 1x6
James Davies: 6 overs; 2 maidens; 2wkts for 9

James Taylor batting 8: 61 off 56 balls; c/b Ryan Way; 8x4 2x6
James Taylor: 8 overs; 4wkts for 46

A Special Mention for Ryan Way, 5.2 overs;1 maiden; 4wkts for 25!
And the bowling prize goes to Gareth Lapham, for juggling Roy Sturgeon back to the

spot the ball
Spot the Ball!

MENORCA V BEEHIVE 40 overs Sunday, April 27th 2014

Beehive: 146 all out in 39.1 overs
Menorca : 132 all out in 29 overs

Mike Spong batting 5: 41 off 44 balls; stumped Andy Tysoe b/Mat Sullivan; 4x4 2x6
James Taylor: 4 overs; 1 maiden; 3wkts for 15

Mat Sullivan batting 3: 77 off 58 balls; b/James Hall; 13x4 2x6
Ryan Way: 7.1 overs; 3 wkts for 17

Overheard on the pitch An umpire referring to no3 bat of his team: Get out the
Defibrillator, oxygen required......!!!

Do 11 ducks in a weekend count as a flock, a paddling or a team???