1/2/2014 New Nets

brunch New NetsWell done, and a big 'Thank You', to all those who helped put up the new nets and lay the new AstroTurf at the club. It was not all work, work work though and a hearty brunch was cooked up by Dan ably assisted by Nico and Ollie. Dan must also be congratulated for his quick thinking when he couldn't get the tea urn to work by supplying the workers with mugs of ....red wine!

25/01/2014 Presentation Lunch

The Club's annual presentation lunch

Roy Dan Carol small

Saturday 25th of January saw the Club's annual presentation lunch take place at Pedro's Restaurant in Torret. The 'official' 2013 season trophies were presented by the captain, Roy Sturgeon, and our sponsor, Carole Toomey.

The winners were:

Radamacher Cup went to Derek Pritchard
This was voted for by the Committee and is recognition for all the coaching Derek proffered throughout the season. This included the Summer cricket, the exchange programs for kids along with his biggest challenge to date - knocking the Nutcrackers, our new ladies team, into shape. He will always be 'our Gary' to them....

Jennings "Clubman" Trophy went to Dan Osterbery

Officially "Webmaster" last year, Dan took on so much more behind the scenes, too much to mention , that said, his legendary paellas cannot go unsung!!

Moscrop Fielding Cup went to Joe Brayne

Joe only arrived in Menorca in the Spring of 2013 but played every game of the season, famously putting down 5 catches in one game. Unfortunately one of his less celebrated achievements was catching out his wife, Nathalie, in the Gents vs Ladies match in December but least said, soonest mended......

Most Improved Bat went to Nizamul Hossan

Already a great bowling asset to the club, winning the 2012 Economy Bowling Trophy, Nizamul really improved his batting over the season with his average climbing from 6.1 to 20.3 - this guy loves to hit big, big sixes!

Most Improved Bowler went to Alex Perkins

Alex was new to the game last season but his progress has been astonishing. His father, Tony, was one of the Clubs top bowlers a few years back and Alex is obviously a chip off the old block!

Economy Bowling went to Ryan Way

Ryan used his bowling prowess to restrict the opposition to an average of 4.0 runs per over. He has taken on the coaching of the juniors this year so hopefully he will be passing on some of his skills to them.

Match Bowling went to Dave Nuttall

One of the original members of the Club, David continues to play for the Sunday side where last season he managed to limit the opposition to an average of only 12.36 runs per wicket.

Match Batting went to Andy Tysoe

Andy won this trophy again in 2013 with an average of 47.2, a great performance although some feel this average could have been even better if it weren't for some strategic "jug avoidance" tactics!