06/09/2014 Invitation!!


To All Summer Fete Volunteers: On the 6th Sept, from 18:00-19:00, the MCC are inviting all the helpers at this year's Summer Fete for a drink or two. The Club is playing Garden Fields CC and after the match there will also be a paella. Why not make an evening of it!

15/06/14 Handing over of the Jumpers

DSC 0338

On Sunday our esteemed President, David Sheffield, presented James Davies with his beloved cricket sweaters. James is one of our up and coming younger players who recently hit his first six – plenty more of those to come!

15/06/14 Nutcracker Corner Officially opened

DSC 0345

Sunday saw the unveiling of the plaque, by Dan Osterbery, that marks the designated Nutcracker Corner. If you are not a Nutcracker, and would like to sit in that area, it is now strictly by invitation only - or buy them all a beer!

DSC 0342

DSC 0349

29/3/2014 Clubhouse receives some TLC!

Well done to all those who turned up today to apply a lick of paint to the Clubhouse, it has been restored to its usual Persil–white self!
All the workers would also like to give a big thanks to Allison (Street) who supplied a rather delicious lemon cake.....yum!




12/4/2014 Dinner with THE MCC players - Reservations required!


If you are a member of the Menorca CC and would like to have dinner with the players of THE MCC on Saturday 12th April, please contact John Duchin (0034) 610 051953 before Wednesday 26th March. The cost will be about 25€ per person, including wine. The venue will be announced once numbers are known.