21/09/2014 Carol's poem


We are packed and ready to board the plane,

we are off to live in sunny Spain,

Golden sands and turquoise sea

just the life for you and me!


The pitch is ready, so now its "game on"

thanks to the groundsmen Graham and John

The bar is open, everyone is here

so lets get started and sell some beer!


We have Mr Greener, who's working the bar

his voice can be heard from here to Alcafar!

Bacon for James! Hot dog for Jake!

I don't know how much more of this i can take!


The Chairman arrives for his glass of pink wine

After our bbq yesterday, he seems to be fine!

I ask if he's excited about the Balearic cup

he replies, "oh Carol, do shut up!"


John Seymour arrives and props up the bar,

I can see Chris Knightely getting out of his car,

There's only Sean Missing, and he's always late

but when he arrives there will be a debate.


I hear the crowd sigh, and see the stumps fall,

it looks like Joe has missed the ball.

There's nine wickets left, so i really dont care

cos i know at the end Andy tysoe will still be there.


Menorca have won, everything has gone to plan

A medi for Roy, and a gay one for Dan

Shandy for Tony, and a beer for Mel

No errors from the umpires, didnt they do well?


Two jugs for the visitors, and a wine for Jenne

She says "hold on, I need to spend a penny"

everything has gone without a hitch
and Andrew says "one more for the ditch"


Our time has finally come to an end

we've loved every minute, and made lots of friends

So thank you menorca, for all you have done

and carry on playing and having lots of fun